Tuesday, 28 August 2018



I was asked if it would be possible to make a culling belt, but instead of the conventional bullet loops or pockets, my customer wanted two magazine pouches.  These were to be worn at the front to give easy access with either hand, and close enough together so not to rattle against the rifle whilst being carried via a sling on the shoulder.

I asked for and was furnished with a few details, waist measurement over what ever clothing was to be worn, which side the buckle was to be, as this would dictate which side a knife or small pouch could be worn and the colour was to be mid brown.  My customer sent me the magazine for the rifle so I could make tooling of the correct size to mould the pouches on.

This is the wooden tooling I made to form the leather over, a top and bottom tool.

After wetting the leather and leaving it in the tooling to dry for a day, I ended up with the size and shape I was after.

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