Monday, 12 March 2018

458 Win Mag ammunition slide. Part three

Cutting and pricking.

After cutting the back and belt loops I mark out the stitching holes and using a pricking iron start punching the holes in the leather.


The holes in the front panel must line up exactly with the holes is the back panel, other wise you will not be able to stitch the two parts together, accuracy is a must, if you don't mark the lines correctly the loops or in this case the pockets will turn out different sizes, which would result in some being too tight and others being loose.  

I decided to stain the natural veg tan leather wallnut, it goes well with the darker waxy pull up.  I like to stain after the holes have been punched as the stain can get into the holes and you don't end up with undyed holes showing.


I also emboss the Safari Leather logo onto the leather while it is still damp from being dyed, as the leather is a little softer and i get a better result.  Once the back panel is dry I stitch the belt loops on, two rows of stitching at the top and a single row at the bottom.

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