Thursday, 15 March 2018

500 / 416 Nitro Express ammunition slide

10 Round 500 / 416 Nitro Express

I was commissioned to make a 500/416 Nitro Express ammunition slide and belt a couple of months ago, not having a round in that calibre I asked a few friends if they had an empty case or if they knew any body who used one, but they all came up blank.  It was while I was talking to Mike Norris of Brock Norris that he suggested I try Alan Rhone as the calibre is a Krieghoff calibre and as Alan Rhone is the main importer in the UK they might have one.  I rang up and spoke to a very helpful member of staff who thought that they might be able to help me, ten minutes later he rang me back confirming that they did have some once fired cases, and I was able to purchase a couple very reasonably.  By using the cases I was able to make a ten round slide which the customer and I were very happy with.

Safari Leather 500/416 Nitro Express colour chocolate.

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