Sunday, 24 February 2019


How many is too many?

When considering how much ammunition you want to carry on you belt during a hunt, ask yourself, realistically how many rounds are you going to fire before the opportunity arises for you to top up again.  You must bare in mind that chances are you will have a fully loaded rifle, containing three or four rounds as well.  If you are on a cull hunt for plains game in Africa you may have the opportunity to shoot several animals in a single day, conversely if you are trophy hunting you might not pull the trigger at all during a days hunting.  There is of course the rare occasion when things go badly and it takes several shots to kill the animal.

When taking all this into consideration six rounds on your belt with a fully loaded rife is for 99.9% of the time going to be enough.  But does that give you peace of mind, well if not my advise would be go for an eight round ammunition slide, ten can start to feel heavy after a long day of walking under a hot sun, while eight will be shorter, lighter and more comfortable to wear.  If you are still not convinced just drop a couple of spare emergency rounds in your pocket.

Here are a couple of eight round slides I made recently, both in 375HH.

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